10 razones para motivarnos!!!!

10 Beautiful Fitness Inspirations

There is no better feeling than being told I’ve inspired someone!  I started my fitness journey to test my own limits… And I feel blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to motivate others along the way! We all need motivation, so I wanted to create a list of other women in fitness who have inspired ME on my journey!  Here it is….

Lori Harder


Lori is a fitness model who I’ve admired for years. Besides her gorgeous face and killer physique, I admire that she is so business-savvy and used her fitness career to become a self-made millionaire at such a young age!

Nicole Wilkins


When I began training for my very first competition back in 2009, it was Nicole Wilkins’ photo that I hung up for motivation… I never dreamed that I would later have the opportunity to work alongside Nicole as a MET-Rx athlete! Nicole’s posts continue to inspire me day in and day out, and I love that she continues to push herself to new levels.

Amber Dawn


As a lot of you know in 2014 I made a difficult transition from perpetually competing to finding balance in my life again. Amber has a similar story and her honesty and candidness about her own journey has inspired me so much throughout the past year. I love seeing people turn negative into something positive… And Amber did just that by with her series of interviews called “The Struggle Is Real” about female competitors who encountered similar issues. For anyone who competes the series is a must-read, so check it out!

Emily Skye


I find Emily so inspiring because she is always so positive and upbeat… Which is not always an easy task in this business! I also love that she keeps it real, has a sense of humor, and shares tons of great tips!

Diana Graham


Over the past few years I’ve watched Diana go through some big life changes and come out on top! I really related to some of the struggles she encountered while competing, so it’s wonderful to see her so happy, and in control. She looks better than ever, and now promotes living a balanced lifestyle. Go girl!

Ana Delia De Iturrondo


I competed with Ana D the night she earned her IFBB Pro Card and I remember thinking no one deserved it more! Ana is absolutely stunning, but she is so down-to-earth, kind and always smiling! It has been amazing watching her career soar to new heights these past 2 years, and I know she is only getting started!

Callie Bundy


I was also with Callie the night she earned her IFBB Pro Card and it was so well deserved. Callie is one of the coolest women I’ve ever met in fitness- or anywhere for that matter! I love her sense of humor, her positive outlook on life, and that she doesn’t take things too seriously!

Michelle Lewin


When I first saw photos of Michelle I was like “okay, THAT is serious fitness motivation!” Michelle has quickly become a household name in the fitness world, and proves that women can have muscle and still look feminine and sexy!

Paige Hathaway


Paige’s killer physique is also on my “FITspiration” list! I also love that Paige doesn’t just post hot pictures- she really takes time to put thought into her posts, always sharing incredibly motivating words with others.

Yeshaira Robles Rivera


Yeshaira’s stunning looks and impressive physique can only be topped by her heart of gold! I’ve had the privilege of learning from Yeshaira throughout my own fitness journey, and she is hands down one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Besides being one of the top IFBB bikini pros in the world, she’s also a wife and a Mom- and expecting her second child this summer!

Jamie Eason


I’ve looked up to Jamie since Day 1 of my fitness journey. It has been so incredible to watch her transition from a strong and sexy cover model to a wife and mom who can STILL rock the cover of fitness magazines! I also admire Jamie for sharing her faith… so inspiring!



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